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    I'm here for Thicc Luna's Ass


      а где Япония?


        Forgant, you are mind reader

        umm ;)_____

          nice article image ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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            Michael Franzese

              These fucking animals never seen an ass?


                That ass

                I have a dream

                  Moon ass brought me here :^)

                  ded game

                    Luna's butt


                      I am Russian and switched to an English server, since the Russians are building up very quickly and already at 3 minutes after fb you can see the afk or feed

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                        Жру говнище на 3тыщи
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                            One question, какого черта Луна с голой жопой?)

                            Kao-chan <3
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                                Can't believe Navi was left out of this article, given their history. A) They are the only CIS team to have won a TI and B) they are easily the best team in the region right now.

                                MkbX.NW.Da Kyung

                                  Luna T back


                                    Im here only for Luna's thicc ass

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